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What is it and who is it for?

A radiology second opinion is a review of a medical imaging study by a second radiologist. This process helps to ensure that the images are interpreted accurately, which is essential for making an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan.


Reasons for a Radiology Second Opinion

A Diagnosis

Your diagnosis was inconclusive or perhaps your symptoms persist? Our radiologists can help ensure that the diagnosis was attributed to the right cause.

A Vague Diagnosis

Your radiology results were poorly worded, incomplete or lacking in detail? our radiologists can provide you with a comprehensive report and explanation of findings.

Make Sense of
Conflicting Diagnoses

You’re concerned about the accuracy or a conflicting diagnosis? Radiology is complex and radiologists often have different interpretations of the same image. A second opinion can help with finding the best path forward.

Get Peace Of Mind

Your radiology results came back negative or with a minor finding, but you’re worried whether all factors were considered for the diagnosis? Our radiologists can help with ensuring that all concerns are take into account for a sound clinical diagnosis.

Get Care On Demand

You might have a serious medical condition, but you haven't received any answers from your doctor in weeks? Getting a second opinion will give you answers quickly and lets you move forward.

Avoid Unnecessary Procedures

A second opinion can provide you with certainty and help you avoid unnecessary tests and procedures, improving the quality of care while saving you time, money, and reducing the risk of complications.

How it works

Getting a second opinion is easy. Click on the button below and follow through the steps to create a case online.

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    Create A Case OnlineRequest a second opinion by completing the onboarding process. You can upload your medical images directly or we can collect them on your behalf.

  • Review and Share
    Once we receive your information, a US board-certified and sub-specialized radiologist will review your images and create a report as quickly as 24 hours. Once the report is released, you can share it with your doctor and care team.

  • Virtual Radiology Consult
    Our radiologist can answer any questions about your findings in your images in a one-on-one video call at your convenience.

What's My Risk For Medical Error?

Diagnostic medical errors are surprisingly common. Recent studies suggest that 33% of all diagnoses contain discrepencies that are clinically significant.

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Very helpful, answered my questions, seemed very genuine and knowledgeable.

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Patient from Atlanta, USA

Dr. Itri was great, he was very thorough in his explanation of my images. He was accessible, eager to explain, and very accommodating with the technical difficulties we encountered.

Amilee C.

Patient Advocate from Georgia, USA

Finally, the answers I was looking for to move forward - thank you!

Aditya T.

Patient from New York, USA

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